Mardi, 13 juin, 2017 - 21:00
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Aistis, also known as Aistis Cepinskas (born April 29, 1995), is a Canadian folk musician, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from London, Ontario, Canada. Aistis blends folk music with rich textural layering of orchestral arrangements, lush vocal harmonies, country-western twang, and ethereal indie rock. Equipped with wit and beauty, as well as a focus on destroying the tropes in which songwriters must write, Aistis’ music is new, in a familiar way. Recorded and written over the course of 2016, Aistis’ upcoming debut full-length album titled “Love Me, I’m Bored” covers a diverse range of topics and ideas soaked in personal intimacy, as well as brute but sincere honesty. Discussing themes such as the unconventional aspects of love, the cancer that is romanticism and idealization, and exploring themes of existentialism by asking the questions and acknowledging the worries that every common person faces, Aistis is an artist that has a distinct idea in what he is trying to achieve, both lyrically and sonically.