Eli Wolfe

Mercredi, 23 avril, 2014 - 21:30
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Eli Wolfe est un guitariste virtuose de l'Australie de passage à Saguenay. Il en sera à son troisième spectacle au Bar à Pitons. Venez découvrir Eli Wolfe et son folk Australien.

'A phenomenal guitarist with his own unique and impressively sincere
sound. His roots-centric guitaring was outstanding, especially when he
ripped out an epic instrumental number. Props.' - The AU Review

Had me flashing back to 'Morning of the earth' complete with MP and the
boys tearing down on the line at backlit Angourie.' -Tracks surf magazine

'Summer is all about taking life easy, and Eli Wolfes album provides the
anthems! The emotive, hypnotic experience Wolfe has shaped is the perfect
soundtrack to lazy warm days and long drives.' -Drum Media Sydney-


She's like a fable


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